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About Us

Oklahoma’s Solar Energy Experts

When you call on Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma for your solar needs, you are not just working with another solar company in Oklahoma. We strive each day to provide the best solar services in Oklahoma while making a difference in our community. Each day, thousands of homeowners across America choose to go solar. While the solar industry is growing nationwide, our focus is to give the best solar solutions for our fellow Oklahoma residents. From the initial consultation to careful planning to suit your energy needs, our experts at Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma are here for you. When you choose Sunsrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma for your home energy needs, you are choosing an experienced team who does quality work.

Customer-Focused Service 

As your local solar company in OKC, we are customer-driven and always looking for new ways to serve our customers. When you contact our friendly team at Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma for your solar energy needs, you can rest assured that we are here to help. If solar power does not make sense for your situation or whether you are a perfect fit for solar energy, we will be upfront and honest with you. Each home and situation is different and going solar is not for everyone. It is our job to evaluate your energy needs and collect the information we need to help you make an informed decision about solar power for your home, business, or farm operation in Oklahoma.

Our Expert Installation Team

Our solar energy experts are second to none. From the initial solar consultation to the installation of your solar system and everything in between, our team has the knowledge and experience to get your project done correctly and on time. Whether you are adding solar panels to the roof of your home or business, or you need a solar setup for your farm operation, you can count on our solar professionals. professional solar installation from Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma.

What Do Our Customers Say About Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma?

“It was a pleasure working with Sunrise Solar Solutions. They do great work and their price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them.” – Tom Hughes

“It was a great experience to work with Sunrise Solar Solutions on our home solar project! I can’t say enough about their quality of work! If you want your home solar system installed the right way, call Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma.” – Michelle Harris

“My house looks great after the solar upgrade! I really appreciate your fine work. It was great experience working with your design team and solar panel installers for my solar project” – Mike Gamble

The Sunrise Solar Solutions Difference

We don’t just strive to be another solar company in Oklahoma. We strive to be the best solar company under the sun! Since we aim for the highest standard, we aim to perform at the highest standard in the industry. This allows us to train and maintain the best solar installers and provide the best solar equipment for your solar power system. If you want the best service and solar installation in Oklahoma, go with Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma for all of your solar needs.

Request Your Free Solar Evaluation and Estimate

The first step in going solar is to see if you qualify for solar. When you schedule your free solar consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals with our solar experts and formulate a plan that works for you. We are in the business to save you money by empowering your home, business, and farm to produce its own solar energy. In order to determine your needs and what solar can do for you, we need to gather the needed information to understand how we can help you. Contact our friendly solar team today to find out why Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma is the trusted solar installer in your area!

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