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Your Local Contractor For Solar Power in OKC

When you are trying to find a contractor for solar power in OKC, you want to go with the best solar contractor around! At Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma, we strive to be the best solar company under the sun! Our team is made up of the best energy specialists and the most skilled solar installers in OKC and throughout the Sooner State. Not only do we install solar panels for your home or business, we help to shield your homes and businesses from rising energy costs. This can be done while adding value to your property and promoting clean energy. If you are considering solar power in Oklahoma for your home, farm, or business, reach out to your local solar installer in OKC and let Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma put the power in your hands!

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power systems have gone through much innovation over the years. It all started by developing technology needed to properly harvest energy from the sun and convert it to electrical power. Through the years, engineers have been able to bring about innovative ways to retain the natural energy of the sun and efficiently use this energy to power homes across the nation. First, energy from sunlight is collected by solar panels, which are each made up of many smaller solar cells. This sunlight generates direct current (DC) power. The DC electricity travels through an inverter which converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC electricity is used to power your home outlets, equipment, and devices.

Why Should I Get Solar Power For My Home?

Solar power is a great alternative to traditional methods of powering your home, farm, or business. In a world where people are heavily reliant on the electrical grid, solar power can create either supplemental power or independant power that is completely separate from the grid. With solar power, your home can benefit from net metering. Net metering is when you produce more electricity than you use and it goes back to the electrical grid. This counts as a credit for when you need power when the sun is not shining at night. You can also utiltize backup battery systems to storage excess energy for your home. Other property owners desire to completely disconnect from the electrical grid, and solar power makes that possible. Either way, solar power is a great way to add value and energy independance for your home. While utility costs rise from year to year, you can enjoy a lower monthly cost for decades to come and save a lot of money in the process.


Our solar panels are carefully selected to meet our strict requirements for quality, design, innovation, and performance. This ensures that your solar panels will hold up to the extreme Oklahoma weather and will keep performing for years to come. Our durable panels also act as a shield to help protect your home from hail and other objects that could otherwise damage your roof.

Low Maintenance

Once we install solar panels on your home, you do not have to worry about maintainance on your panels. With our technology, we can detect any issues with a solar panel before the homeowner even knows there is a problem. Our skilled technicians are trained to respond quickly to get any issues repaired and keep your solar power system running.

Cost Savings

With the rising costs of electricity across our nation, now is a great time to switch to solar power. The cost of electricity in the United States increases by an average of 2% to 3% per year. If you add that up over time, a $200 electric bill in 2022 could increase to almost $500 per month in 2052! While costs are increasing, you can keep the same low payment until your solar power system is paid off. After that, you can essentially eliminate your power bill.

Solar Company in OKC

Home Solar Power in OKC

Home Solar Power in OKC

Being a homeowner is a great thing. Going solar is another great thing. When you need a trusted solar power company in Oklahoma for your home solar installation, look no further than your local team at Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma. Our friendly team of solar power experts will make sure your home solar installation is goes as smooth as possible. Your home is important to us and we strive to take care of our customers. When you need piece of mind, go with your local experts.

Commercial Solar Power in OKC

Commercial Solar Power in OKC

When you choose Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma for your solar project, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best value, workmanship, and return on your investment. We will work alongside your team to implement the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your solar project. From the initial consultation to the design and final touches, our team members and project managers go above and beyond to serve your needs throughout the entire process.

Farm Solar Power in Oklahoma

Farm Solar Power in OKC

Many farms across our nation are turning to solar energy to power their operations. Farm expenses are at an all time high and operation costs are constantly increasing. The cost of electricity is no different as it continues to climb with your other expenses. Switching to solar power helps to keep your energy costs down while utility prices are going up. This helps you take those energy savings and pump that money back into your farm operation for additional cash flow.

Solar Panels in OKC

Solar Panels in OKC

When selecting solar panels for our installations, we make sure they meet our rigorous requirements for design, efficiency, and durability to ensure long lasting performance. We take your home and needs seriously, and we make sure to install the best solar panels and equipment for your home. Our skilled solar installers in OKC have many years of experience to deliver a seamless solar power installation for your home or business.

Solar Power Installation Process From Start To Finish

When you want the best solar power system for your home, reach out to your local experts at Sunrise Solar Solutions of Oklahoma. We go above and beyond to make sure your experience is smooth from the first consultation call to the finishing touches on your new solar power system. Our team of design experts and installers have many years of experience in the solar industry. Our process is straightforward to make sure you receive the best quality solar service for your home, business, or farm:

1. Get In Touch With Us

The first step is to reach out to our team of professionals by filling out a form or calling our office. You will be connected with one of our friendly team members to discuss your solar energy needs. Make sure to have 6-12 months of electric bills on hand before the call.

2. Consultation Call

During the consultation call, we will listen to your specific needs and get a better idea of what you want for your home. We will discuss your energy usage and costs from the bills you have collected. This information will help us determine if switching to solar power is a good fit for your home or business.

3. Schedule Your Solar Estimate

We will come to your location and collect information such as square footage, discuss design options, and other details that will help us to formulate an accurate estimate for your project.

4. Proposal

Our office will send you an official proposal for the material and labor involved in completing your project.

5. Home Solar Power Installation

Once the proposal is accepted and the financing details are worked out, we can begin the process of installation for your solar power system. Our installation experts will take great care to make sure all equipment is secured properly and all of the work areas are clean.

Oklahoma City OK

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the capital city of Oklahoma and the county seat of Oklahoma County. Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state with a rich culture and history. Many of us have described Oklahoma City as a large city with a small town feel. While being the epicenter of urban life in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City also boasts one of the largest livestock markets in the world.

Our city is rich in history and western culture. From the Land Run of 1889 to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and Oklahoma City Stockyards, Oklahoma City stands as the epicenter of western culture in our nation. Many people across the country recall the tragedy of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. People from all across the nation can visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum to honor those who lost their lives on that tragic day in our history.

Whether you are visiting the Oklahoma City Zoo, American Banjo Musuem, or catching a Oklahoma City Thunder game at the Paycom Center in Bricktown, there is no shortage of things to do in Oklahoma City.

Solar Power in OKC

If you visit Oklahoma City, OK and decide to hang around long enough to gather a small stack of electric bills, your home may qualify for solar energy. With our wide open plains and tons of sunlight, Oklahoma has some of the best conditions for solar power in the nation. Our solar panels are built to withstand the severe Oklahoma weather while lowering your electric bill for decades to come. Why rent electricity when you can own it?

To learn more about why Oklahoma City area residents trust Sunrise Solar Solutions with their solar energy needs, visit our About Us page. For unmatched service and quality solar panel installation, reach out to your local solar installer in OKC for your free no-hassle solar evaluation and estimate today!